enhance... enhance... enhance... enhance...

saw wavves and best coast the other night! in all ways an awesome night. except in the "best coast being a great live act" way. but who am i to complain, it was fun times! fun timeS!

began brainstorming tattoo ideas. i feel like i'm going to go in and get one done on a whim, so it's best to get the shitty ideas out of my system. thus i've been filling up a random notebook with sketches. seriously i haven't doodled since before high school.

i think i've settled on something. i'm going to ruminate for a few days/weeks but if i don't have it before vegas i will soon after.

also, i need some topsiders. sheeeeeeit mo money mo problems son!


Dan Brian said...

I recommend obtaining said tattoo in Vegas. A souvenir of good/potentially awkward times past. Also, definitely hit some sketchy places. Vegas trips are no good without such menacing experiences.

Dan Brian said...

Forget my last comment. THIS is how you should get your next tattoo: http://gizmodo.com/#!5777529/automatic-tattoo-machine-randomly-chooses-which-tattoo-youll-get

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