insomnia is a bitch

planning an awesome vegas trip in march. i wanted to get a tattoo with my bro but couldn't think of anything good. was considering a cool "DEATH FROM ABOVE" motif (perhaps with a bird swooping down?) but a quick google image search revealed that a lot of people who look like nazi re-enactors are into that sort of thing too, so that idea fell by the wayside.

since i'm ocd about music i'm already thinking about what's going on the ipod for this trip. it's easy to pick a shitload of rad music, the trick is to narrow it down into the best selection of coke tunes, rad beats et cetera. so at junctures like this being incredibly indecisive is a huge pain in the ass.

also i hate being up this early with nothing to do. am i the only person anticipating the end (or possibly beginning, i don't know for sure) of daylight savings time? SHIT'S WEAK

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