it's been so long!

i feel like i've written variations of this post several times now. oh well.

things i've done in the 8-9 months since last i posted:
bought a car
listened to newer, radder tunes
read and re-read several novels by my favorite author, james ellroy

things i will try to do on a more consistent basis:
post on this blog

a song i've chosen to post because it is rad

seriously though! this blog has such a good name, and i have not yet lived up to its promise. don't worry, this status will change. at the very least the 2012 election cycle is gonna start soon, and if there's one thing i can do it's pontificate about politics. so if six months from now you're feeling the need for some sparsely-reasoned diatribes about how democrats are their own worst enemies (or whatever the platitude of the day may be), you will have come to the right place.

and while you read said diatribe, you will have the privilege of listening to sick tunes.

an example of such

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