something fucking crazy that happened to me lately

i was trying to find element hollywood, but as per usual managed to get completely lost. so i was walking around hollywood blvd, trying to find this place. i called my sister for directions.

as i'm talking to her, i notice a cab pull up on my side of the street, and the cab driver is trying to punch his passenger, and the passenger is reciprocating in kind.

me: "uh, eli, hold on a sec... a cab driver is fighting his passenger right in front of me... uh, i'll call you back."

the passenger (some skater douche) gets out of the car, still talking shit to the driver (looks like a close-to-retirement-age immigrant from an eastern european country). the passenger goes around front, to the driver's side window, and punches the driver in the face a few more times.

at this point, the cab driver gets out of the car and knuckles up like one of those old-time boxers (the kind of guy who's got a name like seamus "beat ya bloody" malloy). needless to say, he gets knocked on his ass by the skater douche.

this was the denouement of the fight. as i walked away, anxious not to get involved, a fat, mildly retarded nikki sixx impersonator says, "wow, dude... that was terrible."