sorry for the month between posts

also sorry i basically chose the most pretentious video

can't wait for the world cup in a month! i was hoping i could pick up a DPRK kit somewhere (because irony is the apogee of humor) but alas it seems that they've stuck to their juche ideals and not licensed it out to anyone. or something. i'm pretty indifferent as to which kit i do or don't end up wearing, as long as it's not the USA's.

thinking about going to brazil for the 2014 world cup. i bet i could save enough money to catch a few games, plus maybe i could somehow save up a month of vacation time. i guess it might be kinda cold though, but what are you gonna do?

i was also thinking of going to costa rica. apparently they have the world's only sloth orphanage. sloths are awesome (since they embody my signature trait) and i figure why not hang out with them? if i had a sloth i would let it hang out on my shoulder all the time, and you know what? i'd probably give it a cool vest to wear too.


sorry, getting lazy

new crystal castles is awesome!

also new LCD soundsystem is rad.

just rode my bike to and from work for the first time today. tough, but doable. my main concern is that i just purchased that kindle so i'd have something to read on the bus, but if i'm going to be bike-commuting every day it's rather purposeless.

i'm starting to see how people, as they grow older, gradually fall into a routine whereby they go to sleep and wake up early. i remember my halcyon days in school where i'd stay up incredibly late and wake up at two in the afternoon. now i've got my alarm set for seven and i tend to wake up at least half an hour before. time's march is depressing and inexorable.

also, i'm this close to finally finishing ellroy's LA quartet. i've read black dahlia a few times, the big nowhere once, and LA confidential a TON. now i'm two-thirds of the way through white jazz. i started reading it again after finishing the underworld USA trilogy (also by ellroy).

anyways, back to reading.


down and out in mid-city

now that the speed vent is dead, my means of transportation consist solely of:

a) a rental bike from work
b) taking the bus

this has its ups and downs. i'm hopefully getting in shape, and i've definitely been able to catch up on my reading. i'm also saving money (this is a mixed blessing; due to my loose pockets and the proximity of the company store, a fair amount of my weekly paycheck tends to immediately return to AA's coffers). on the downside, i now know the frustration of being passed over by buses already loaded up with bicycles. also, i've now got tickets to three concerts which, barring some kind of transportation miracle, i'll be hard-pressed to attend.

also, my preferred method of doing laundry (i.e. paying someone else to do it for me) has become almost a non-starter, since all the fluff and fold places are only barely within what one would consider walking distance. i think i've found a place that picks up and delivers but it would be nice to have more options.

so now i'm trying to find more local places where i can do interesting things. if there's one thing i don't wish to consider myself, it's a "localvore," but alas, circumstances have changed. it'd be cool if there was a bookstore nearby.

apologies for the lack of levity in this post. please accept this awesome tune to recompense.

i would have chosen this song even if alex chilton hadn't died



i get way too sidetracked.

places i've been digging lately:

Oki's Dog: at one point i was really digging the oki dog w/ cheese, but now i'm all about the chili cheese dogs, especially with onions and mustard. pastrami burrito sounds good in theory, but there's just a bit too much going on with it, ya know? cabbage, pickles, pastrami, and so on and so forth...

Lucy's Drive-In: when i live somewhere, i tend to settle on one or two places that i can go all the time, because i'm lazy and don't really care too much about what i eat on any particular day. since this place is open 24/7, has the crazy/awesome mexican meats (i.e. lengua, cabeza, etc) and sells horchata, i'm pretty much eating here 5 times a week.

of course, since i now only eat unhealthy food, i'm sure that there are visible gobbets of food floating through my bloodstream. i'm getting the feeling that some sort of heart attack is imminent, so i think i'm going to start eating healthy foods (things with tofu).

coming soon: a brief list of concerts i plan on attending soon, explained


my new love: dubstep & other things

burial - "raver"

joy orbison - "hyph mngo"

ercola - "follow me (lifelike remix)"

i've been in LA for a month and a half and so far i've got no complaints. here's my to-do list for the next month and a half or so:

-try the oxtail poutine at animal
-go see concerts at good venues with knowledgeable friends
-in accordance with the above goal, try to go see dubstep shows
-start reading again (i find that i never have enough energy to go more than a chapter or two at a time)
-update this blog more frequently
-see avatar
-get a haircut (this is also on my to-do list for tomorrow)

...and if i can find the time, maybe squeeze in a bender as well.

hopefully more frequent posting shall ensue!


about tunes

I saw a live stage production of The Wall yesterday. Definitely a neat thing to do on a weekend, but it made me wish that I could have seen the original tour from decades ago. I can only imagine how impressive it would have been. Still, this was pretty solid.

Not from The Wall, but a good song nonetheless.

The one thing that kind of vexed me was that oftentimes the performers would break the fourth wall, using parts of the seating area as sort of an ersatz stage. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be allowed to do that sort of thing; the only point I wish to make is that the prospect of being made conspicuous in any way is hugely frightening. Basically I'm concerned that this might happen.

It's pretty weird being over the cusp of a new decade. I feel like it should be more momentous but strangely isn't. In that spirit, I'd like to record for posterity that my favorite part of the following video is Travolta's "It's like looking in a mirror, only... not!"

i know that this is breaking tables but i'm pretty indifferent


it's been too long

good song!

gettin back in the blog game! to put on a clinic for this buster, but also so i can get in practice for upcoming ventures and to document my time in LA.

another good song!