about tunes

I saw a live stage production of The Wall yesterday. Definitely a neat thing to do on a weekend, but it made me wish that I could have seen the original tour from decades ago. I can only imagine how impressive it would have been. Still, this was pretty solid.

Not from The Wall, but a good song nonetheless.

The one thing that kind of vexed me was that oftentimes the performers would break the fourth wall, using parts of the seating area as sort of an ersatz stage. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be allowed to do that sort of thing; the only point I wish to make is that the prospect of being made conspicuous in any way is hugely frightening. Basically I'm concerned that this might happen.

It's pretty weird being over the cusp of a new decade. I feel like it should be more momentous but strangely isn't. In that spirit, I'd like to record for posterity that my favorite part of the following video is Travolta's "It's like looking in a mirror, only... not!"

i know that this is breaking tables but i'm pretty indifferent


it's been too long

good song!

gettin back in the blog game! to put on a clinic for this buster, but also so i can get in practice for upcoming ventures and to document my time in LA.

another good song!