my new love: dubstep & other things

burial - "raver"

joy orbison - "hyph mngo"

ercola - "follow me (lifelike remix)"

i've been in LA for a month and a half and so far i've got no complaints. here's my to-do list for the next month and a half or so:

-try the oxtail poutine at animal
-go see concerts at good venues with knowledgeable friends
-in accordance with the above goal, try to go see dubstep shows
-start reading again (i find that i never have enough energy to go more than a chapter or two at a time)
-update this blog more frequently
-see avatar
-get a haircut (this is also on my to-do list for tomorrow)

...and if i can find the time, maybe squeeze in a bender as well.

hopefully more frequent posting shall ensue!