down and out in mid-city

now that the speed vent is dead, my means of transportation consist solely of:

a) a rental bike from work
b) taking the bus

this has its ups and downs. i'm hopefully getting in shape, and i've definitely been able to catch up on my reading. i'm also saving money (this is a mixed blessing; due to my loose pockets and the proximity of the company store, a fair amount of my weekly paycheck tends to immediately return to AA's coffers). on the downside, i now know the frustration of being passed over by buses already loaded up with bicycles. also, i've now got tickets to three concerts which, barring some kind of transportation miracle, i'll be hard-pressed to attend.

also, my preferred method of doing laundry (i.e. paying someone else to do it for me) has become almost a non-starter, since all the fluff and fold places are only barely within what one would consider walking distance. i think i've found a place that picks up and delivers but it would be nice to have more options.

so now i'm trying to find more local places where i can do interesting things. if there's one thing i don't wish to consider myself, it's a "localvore," but alas, circumstances have changed. it'd be cool if there was a bookstore nearby.

apologies for the lack of levity in this post. please accept this awesome tune to recompense.

i would have chosen this song even if alex chilton hadn't died



i get way too sidetracked.

places i've been digging lately:

Oki's Dog: at one point i was really digging the oki dog w/ cheese, but now i'm all about the chili cheese dogs, especially with onions and mustard. pastrami burrito sounds good in theory, but there's just a bit too much going on with it, ya know? cabbage, pickles, pastrami, and so on and so forth...

Lucy's Drive-In: when i live somewhere, i tend to settle on one or two places that i can go all the time, because i'm lazy and don't really care too much about what i eat on any particular day. since this place is open 24/7, has the crazy/awesome mexican meats (i.e. lengua, cabeza, etc) and sells horchata, i'm pretty much eating here 5 times a week.

of course, since i now only eat unhealthy food, i'm sure that there are visible gobbets of food floating through my bloodstream. i'm getting the feeling that some sort of heart attack is imminent, so i think i'm going to start eating healthy foods (things with tofu).

coming soon: a brief list of concerts i plan on attending soon, explained