sorry, getting lazy

new crystal castles is awesome!

also new LCD soundsystem is rad.

just rode my bike to and from work for the first time today. tough, but doable. my main concern is that i just purchased that kindle so i'd have something to read on the bus, but if i'm going to be bike-commuting every day it's rather purposeless.

i'm starting to see how people, as they grow older, gradually fall into a routine whereby they go to sleep and wake up early. i remember my halcyon days in school where i'd stay up incredibly late and wake up at two in the afternoon. now i've got my alarm set for seven and i tend to wake up at least half an hour before. time's march is depressing and inexorable.

also, i'm this close to finally finishing ellroy's LA quartet. i've read black dahlia a few times, the big nowhere once, and LA confidential a TON. now i'm two-thirds of the way through white jazz. i started reading it again after finishing the underworld USA trilogy (also by ellroy).

anyways, back to reading.