sorry for the month between posts

also sorry i basically chose the most pretentious video

can't wait for the world cup in a month! i was hoping i could pick up a DPRK kit somewhere (because irony is the apogee of humor) but alas it seems that they've stuck to their juche ideals and not licensed it out to anyone. or something. i'm pretty indifferent as to which kit i do or don't end up wearing, as long as it's not the USA's.

thinking about going to brazil for the 2014 world cup. i bet i could save enough money to catch a few games, plus maybe i could somehow save up a month of vacation time. i guess it might be kinda cold though, but what are you gonna do?

i was also thinking of going to costa rica. apparently they have the world's only sloth orphanage. sloths are awesome (since they embody my signature trait) and i figure why not hang out with them? if i had a sloth i would let it hang out on my shoulder all the time, and you know what? i'd probably give it a cool vest to wear too.